Title : Pick this Company!

Posted by Dena on 3/10/15

Scott and Oscar came and made my sliding glass door like new! After 14 years of wear and tear we could hardly slide the door. After 15 minutes you could slide the door with just 2 fingers! Awesome company and would recommend to everyone!

Thank you Scott and Oscar

Title : Make Your Wife Happy!!

Posted by ken on 2/19/15

I usually do all my home repairs because I hate paying someone else to do them. This was worth every $ and it did not cost many of them. The door moves better than when it was new because they made some adjustments the builders did not in 2000. Friendly, professional, courteous, and excellent repair service.

Title : Amazing Job!

Posted by Wilma on 2/13/15

Scott is professional and friendly. Great communication. VERY reasonable rates! I was impressed when I called one evening & within minutes I received a call back. He called the day before to confirm, called on the day of to say he was the on the way. Showed up as promised. And best of all when he left that patio door was sliding so well I have to be careful not to slide it too hard. Getting out to the backyard is effortless now.

Thank you! Don’t hesitate to call!

Title : Professional Company

Posted by Linda Johnston on 2/12/15

I feel so lucky to have found this company! They were friendly and professional from my phone call to the finished job. My sliding glass doors have never worked so well! I’m sorry I waited so long. I was very comfortable having Scott in my home. GREAT COMPANY! GREAT JOB!

Title : Excellent work

Posted by Sam G. on 10/11/14

I am pleased to write a review for these guys! They showed up on time and got right to it. I had a torn up track and could not find a replacement for the brand of door I have. They knew what I needed from my description on the phone. When they got here, they immediately confirmed the problem and had it fixed before I knew it! These guys know their business, and come prepared with all the parts. I can’t imagine a door out there they could not make like new again.

Don’t go through the hassle of spending all day trying to fix it yourself, just give them a call and relax.

Title : Can I Give 10 Stars?

Posted by  Tricia  on 7/25/14

To sum up the experience in one word: Unbelievable! “Professional and perfect” come to mind as well. Scott and his team are a well-oiled machine when it comes to sliding glass door repair. It was a pleasure to watch them work, but it was an even greater pleasure to watch my 1978 door, with its frame separated on one side, transform in a matter of minutes to a smooth-sailing, like-new slider. It used to take Herculean effort just to budge it, but now, a gentle breeze could give it a push.

I can only hope that should I ever need surgery that my team of doctors will be as in synch and as expertly proficient in their field as Scott and his team are in theirs. I’ll admit that I was initially skeptical of all of the 5-star reviews – I mean who is so consistently effective? But dang if I’m not a believer now! Thanks, Scott!

Title : Great Work!

Posted by olga valle on 6/12/14

My sliding glass door that leads to my backyard, does no slide easily, in fact last night I couldn’t even close it. Something is obstructing it from closing., Also the lock does not work easily.

Title : Works better than new…

Posted by Nevil P on 5/30/14

…which means I have no excuse for going outside to do yard work anymore – should have thought that one through! Seriously, Scott you are a master of your trade, I wish I had called you years ago. Thanks for being on-time and efficient – you and your crew are the best.

Now, where did I put that hedge trimmer…

Title : Well Done Scott!

Posted by douglas kirk on 5/21/14

Scott did a great job on my sliding glass door. works better than new at a great price. Showed up on time and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this company.

Title : Great Work!

Posted by Zmaro Seller on 4/10/14

Was like a miracle. Couldn’t budge the sliding door at all. Scott and his team, Oscar and Allen, were amazing. Worked effectively and with great coordination and efficiency to fix our door in less than an hour. Scott called back from my initial inquiry almost immediately, and then called several days prior to his appointment to remind me. Wonderful people! Very professional.

Title : Great Service! They definitely earned 5 stars!

Posted by Marie on 2/4/14

Our back sliding glass door came off the track and one of the rollers broke. I called before business hours and left a message. My call was promptly returned as soon as their office opened. He set an appointment for the next afternoon, He said he’d call when he was on his way (which he did). The door was fixed quickly and at a reasonable price. He promised to deliver and delivered what he promised. I would definitely recommend this company without hesitation to anyone I know.

Title : Noteman

Posted by Kenny on 10/24/13

I actually thought my slider was beyond repair and it was a huge 8ft x 8ft opening with a 4ft x 8ft door section. The frame was pulled away from the glass, door dragging and Scott, along with his co-tech were on-time, courteous,and knew exactly what to do and had the right equipment. To my surprise they did what I thought would be a couple hour job in about 30 min’s, and done right! This door is heavy and over 19 years old and its now working better than it was when new.

I will definitely be calling them back for another slider I have and highly recommending them to everyone. Great work, service and price! Thanks!!

Title : Better Than New

Posted by Ellen on 10/19/13

My door had been getting harder and harder to use recently, and early one morning I really had to force it and that was all she wrote. It was jammed. Wouldn’t open any farther and wouldn’t close. I found Scott online, and what a life saver!!! He came that day,( even though he wasn’t anywhere near my area) and my door is better than it was when it was new. I thought I was going to have to get a new door, so he saved me about $1000 on top of it!! I rarely write recommendations, but what a great guy!! I would highly recommend Scott without hesitation.

Title : So Happy!

Posted by Steve R in Wildomar on 9/27/13

Scott returned my call within 5 minutes and we scheduled the sliding door repair. They showed up on time (actually about 15 minutes early!) The door was repaired in about 30 minutes and it works like a charm. Honest, reliable service at a very reasonable price. Thanks so much!

Title : Faster and Cheaper Than Promised, And Super Nice!

Posted by Broken Lock in Claremont on 9/19/13

The lock on my 1950s sliding glass door broke, so I called a couple of local places, but they both said they couldn’t repair or replace it. I turned to the internet and luckily found Scott with AAA Superior Sliding Door Repair Specialist.

Scott thought he had the part I needed and promised to track it down if necessary. We set up an appointment for ten days later.

As luck would have it, before the appointment date, Scott was doing a job down the street and called ahead to ask if he could stop by. As you maybe guessed from the title of this compelling review, Scott showed up, completed the job, and saved me money by fixing my old part rather than installing a new one. On top of that, he showed me how to fix the problem if it ever happens again.

As he was leaving, I literally found myself saying, “I wish I had other broken doors so that you could fix them too.” That’s how great Scott is. I highly recommend him.

Title : Sliding glass door wheels

Posted by Denney Marsh on 9/16/13

Scott came at the apointed time, repaired our 40 year old 5 ft x 2 door that had not been operating properly for 10 years and was done in 30 min at the agreed price. I am mad at myself for waiting so long, and I wish he did car repair! Thank you Scott.

Title : Responsible tenant

Posted by Nancy Cathey on 9/7/13

We have a landlord that is so damn cheap that she will not do the most minor repairs to take care of the home she inherited from her mother.
We are responsible and caring tenants who not only want to live a life for which we are paying high rent, but who respect and repair property.
We finally did the right thing by calling Scott to relieve our nigh mare of not being able to access out deck through the sliding(non-sliding) glass door.

She told us to “put our hip into it.”
He and his assistant had the door repaired in minutes and changed our life.


Posted by RICHARD CASTRO on 9/3/13 4:15 pm

We contacted Scott to repair a wooden sliding glass door in our master bedroom. He was flexible and was able to work around our busy schedule. He arrived on time and made the needed repairs in about 1/2 hour. Reasonably priced and excellent work. Thank you Scott!!!!

Title : I have never written a recommendation, but these guys are the best and a fair price to boot. Well done.

Posted by Darla from Rancho Cucamonga on 8/22/2013

Having been in the construction industry for 20 years, I have seen the best of the best and the worst of the worst. AAA in among the best.

Scott returned my call promptly to schedule an appointment, called to confirm the appointment 2 days in advance, and called 30 minutes prior to his arrival.

Scott and his partner Rick were in and had the door repaired in 20 minutes, no mess, no noise, no fuss. The door that I have been fighting with for a year opens with one finger. Every time I open it I say, “This is sooo cool!”

I have never written a recommendation, but these guys are the best and a fair price to boot. Well done.

Title : Reviews were right!

Posted by Scott Wilson on 8/21/2013

We have been fighting the 8 foot glass slider for 5 years. Our younger kids couldn’t open it any longer. Scott was on time and did great work! Within an hour the door was sliding perfect and the cost was VERY reasonable. We should have called years ago. These guys are great!!

Title : Works Everytime.

Posted by Matt Williams on 8/10/2013

This is the second time in ten years that I’ve called on AAA Sliding Door Repair. On both occasions Scott was extremely helpful and communicated exactly what needed to be done. Scott is honest, knows his stuff, and gets down to the task at hand with enthusiasm. I would recommend these guys every time.

Title : Just like Scott Says…

Posted by K. Jorge on 8/04/2012

I read the reviews and wondered whether Scott really gets back to you as fast as advertised. Well guess what? He does. Follow up calls as promised and on time service as agreed. The 8′ tall sliding door that used to weigh 200 lbs. and required muscle to open and close now slides so easily, our 2 year old can open it. This company is a keeper!!!

Title : Pleased with Work

Posted by  Alisa Brooks on 8/04/2013

The slidding door had become difficult to open. Th rollers were replaced and now it opens and closes so easily. Scott knew exactly what the problem was; he knows what he is doing. The repairs were done quickly and within the promised time frame. I am so pleased!

Title :  Excellant!!!!

Posted by  Paul Boltauzer on 8/01/2013

All I can say is I agree with all the previous excellent comments.
Great! Great!

Thanks Scott a bunch !!!

Title : Most Helpful for My Repair Question

Posted by Tom on 7/22/2013

I called this company as it repairs sliding glass doors. I left my number for a call back. I was called within 5 minutes by Scott. I asked if he had a part and described what I needed. He readily answered and referred me to ACE Hardware to get my part! OUTSTANDING! He could have said, “I can come out,” but referred me to where I could get the inexpensive part and even told me the name of the item, an Anti Rattle Guide for sliding doors. I am most grateful!!!!

Title : Slides Great

Posted by Kaythrn Emdawg on 6/06/2013

Great Honest Communication – Arrive on time and best of all our Door Slides Great. We would highly recommend Scott and Superior they know what they are doing.

Title : Finally, our sliding door works again!

Posted by Vince Lagansita on 4/23/2013

Our sliding door was horrible, almost impossible to open and close. We avoided using it because it was so bad. AAA showed up on time, fixed it in 45 minutes. Sliding door is so smooth & light, my 3 year old can open it easily. Highly recommended!

Title : Great service…Great results!!!!

Posted by Amy Watkins on 6/14/2012

Don’t know why I’ve suffered a horrible sliding door for two years, when I could get it fixed quickly, and for a reasonable price!!! Scott was very communicative, calling a few times before our appointment, then on his way to our house. The door is like new again after only a 30 minute fix!!! Scott and Rick work together like a well working sliding door. I’m so happy I called them!

Title : Definitely one of the Best I’ve Seen!!

Posted by Tip Eyler on 6/08/2012

Scott showed up on time, had all the right tools and made my balky old aluminum sliding door roll perfectly. Thanks, Scott.

Title : Best of the Best!

Posted by Tony on 5/11/2012

I was planning a detailed review of the work Scott & Rick did on our sliding glass door, but after reading the reviews already posted, it would be repetitive. I agree with the reviews & then some. It is rare to not see any negative reviews, but AAA Superior will only earn rave reviews. Occasionally you get lucky & we were truly blessed with AAA. Real professionals. Honest, hardworking with excellent results that will last & repair methods with parts that result in an extremely reasonable cost that nobody will be able to come close to. Fast, reliable, good to their word, meticulous. The best of the best. And no, they did not pay me to write this.

Title :
 Great Work!! We don’t have to fight it anymore.

Posted by Frank on 4/25/2012

Our sliding door was a mess: glass separating from the frame, broken lock, noisy rollers. Scott and Rick showed up on time and finished the job in half the time they estimated it would take. Total professionals. Worth every cent. I would never use anyone else for a job like this.

Title : 
Just Like New….

Posted by Mark on 10/30/2011

Great communication. Excellent repair. They promised the door would move with 3 fingers. Try 1. It’s brand new all over again. They saved us the hassle and cost of a new sliding glass door. Thanks!

Title : 

Posted by Jose on 8/01/2011

We have been in our home for the past 12 years. My 4″ aluminum sliding glass door has been my nemesis during this time. The door kept falling off the track and the scraping of metal against metal was always an auditory treat. I have done the DIY route without lasting sucess.Scott came and within the hour completely transformed the functionality of the door. WOW! I would recommend Superior Sliding Door Repair without reservation!

Posted By usannie

on July 1, 2011

I have an eight foot sliding glass door. This door skipped, bounced and made horrific noises when opening and closing. I replaced the rollers without effect. The runner that the rollers ride on looked like a rollercoaster, bumpy and with dips. I looked on internet and could not find any information to assist in the repair. Home Depot said the entire frame would have to be replaced. Contractors said same and that it would have to be custom made as the manufacturer was out of business. These remedies would run in excess of $1,000.00 and up to $2,500.00. My neighbor, knowing of my plight, saw a AAA Superior Sliding Door Repair Specialist Van. She called the number on side of van and had them call me. Scott called shortly therafter, we made appt. for following week. Scott and Rick arrived promptly and even gave a courtesy call advising they would be arriving shortly. Scott and Rick went to work and within 30 minutes my door was repaired. They put new rollers on the door and replace the aluminum trac with a steel trac. Now my door slides smoothly and most importantly I will not have to worry about wear because they did use steel. They cleaned up after themselves and submitted their most reasonable bill which was only a small fraction of the cost quoted by the contractors and Home Depot. I give them Five Stars.

Posted by nancy

on May 18, 2011

We were renters, stuck with a sliding glass door that could not be budged by my 4 year old. I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and tired of getting up to let her in and out all day. My friend was tired of my complaints and found online. They guaranteed that our door would roll like new or there would be no charge. Yeah, right! I knew it was going to be expensive and my landlord did not want to pay. He spent weekends replacing rollers or oiling the door, without success. I finally broke down and left a message for them on a Saturday. Scott, the owner, called me back immediately. We made an appointment for Monday and he surprised me again by showing up on time with another technician, Rick. They were done in less than an hour, the door now gliding from side to side, and they left the area cleaner than they found it and when they handed me the bill I was floored. Best decision ever. Don’t hesitate to call them. My landlord is now their best customer!

Posted By Bowarcher51

on 10/23/2008

Excellent service. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs a repair.on their wardrobe doors. Thanks again!


Posted By User-1 from Highland, CA

Sep 15, 2006

The best decision I ever made!truely Superior service!

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