Aug 2, 2013

We have been in our home for the past 12 years. My 4″ aluminum sliding glass door has been my nemesis during this time. The door kept falling off the track and the scraping of metal against metal was always an auditory treat. I have done the DIY route without lasting success.

Scott came and within the hour completely transformed the functionality of the door. WOW! I would recommend Superior Sliding Door Repair without reservation!

Jose R., Pomona

Saved $1,500 compared to contractor bid!!!

Jul 1, 2013

I have an eight foot sliding glass door. This door skipped, bounced and made horrific noises when opening and closing. I replaced the rollers without effect. The runner that the rollers ride on looked like a rollercoaster, bumpy and with dips. I looked on internet and could not find any information to assist in the repair. Home Depot said the entire frame would have to be replaced. Contractors said same and that it would have to be custom made as the manufacturer was out of business.

These remedies would run in excess of $1,000.00 and up to $2,500.00. My neighbor, knowing of my plight, saw a AAA Superior Sliding Door Repair Specialist Van. She called the number on side of van and had them call me. Scott called shortly therafter, we made appt. for following week. Scott and Rick arrived promptly and even gave a courtesy call advising they would be arriving shortly.

Scott and Rick went to work and within 30 minutes my door was repaired. They put new rollers on the door and replace the aluminum trac with a steel trac. Now my door slides smoothly and most importantly I will not have to worry about wear because they did use steel.

They cleaned up after themselves and submitted their most reasonable bill which was only a small fraction of the cost quoted by the contractors and Home Depot. I give them Five Stars.

Annie G, Redlands

Great Work!!!

May 18, 2012

We were renters, stuck with a sliding glass door that could not be budged by my 4 year old. I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and tired of getting up to let her in and out all day. My friend was tired of my complaints and found online. They guaranteed that our door would roll like new or there would be no charge. Yeah, right! I knew it was going to be expensive and my landlord did not want to pay. He spent weekends replacing rollers or oiling the door, without success.

I finally broke down and left a message for them on a Saturday. Scott, the owner, called me back immediately. We made an appointment for Monday and he surprised me again by showing up on time with another technician, Rick. They were done in less than an hour, the door now gliding from side to side, and they left the area cleaner than they found it and when they handed me the bill I was floored. Best decision ever. Don’t hesitate to call them. My landlord is now their best customer!

Nancy B, Riverside

Truly Superior service!

Excellent service. The best decision I ever made! I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs a repair on their wardrobe doors. Thanks again!

Bow A, Murrieta